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Elisabeth Cunin

Elisabeth Cunin is Researcher at the IRD, posted in Mexico (2007-2011).

CIESAS Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social - Sede Peninsular

Calle 61 #443 entre 50 y 52, Centro, Mérida, CP 97000, Yucatán, México

Member of the GDRI Slavery Board

Research themes

- Ethnic mixing and multiculturalism
- Emergence of the “Afrodescendant” category in Colombia : political and cultural dimensions
- The production of alterity and policies of otherness in two very different national contexts, Mexico and Belize

These research programmes are undertaken in a threefold framework :
- CIESAS-CEMCA-IRD Research Convention (2007-2009) : Inclusion and exclusion along a border : nation and alterity in Mexico and Belize
- ANR Suds – AIRD AFRODESC programme : Afrodescendants and slavery : domination, identification and inheritance in the Americas (15th-21st centuries) 2008-2011 -
- European EURESCL programme : Slave Trade, Slavery, Abolitions and their Legacies in European Histories and Identities (2008-2011)

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