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Kali Argyriadis

Kali Argyriadis is Researcher at the IRD, anthropologist, and coordinator of the Transnational religions of Southern regions : between ethnicization and universalization programme (

Research themes

Study of networks / santeros / Cuban-Mexican and more specifically the modalities for relocalization of Cuban religious practices and their musical and choreographic repertoires in the State of Veracruz (Mexico), on the basis of three themes :
- 1. Study of the relationship between models of primitive networks that shape ritual families in Cuban Santería and of transnational networks whose context and operation remain to be specified
- 2. Analysis of the process of aestheticization / intellectualization of part of the Afro-Cuban repertoire as a major factor in the deterritorialization / reterritorialization of Cuban religious practices in general (research conducted in the context of the programme)
- 3. Analysis of the circulation of artefacts, names and images linked to these practices in the markets of Vera Cruz, and new forms of complementarity between Afro-Cuban religious practices and local practices shaped by such circulation

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