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Marguerite Cognet

Marguerite Cognet is Senior Lecturer Paris Diderot

Field of expertise and research interests :

Ethnic relations applied in the field of health.

This field of expertise has led me to develop projects on the following four key areas :

- “Professional insertion methods of immigrants and ethnic/race minorities in health organisations (analysis of professional career paths ; study of direct and indirect discrimination on the insertion methods) ;
- “Ethnic relations in health organisations (analysis of the impact of ethnic identities, possibly intertwined with other singular identities such as gender, on the working relationships between the grades ; study of the challenges related to ethnic diversity in terms of personnel management) ;
- “The health of immigrants and ethnic/race minorities (analysis of the treatment path and interethnic disparities ; representation and ethnicisation of infectious diseases) ;
- “Professional practices in health and social services in interethnic contexts (analysis of representations of ethnic otherness as a determining factor of interventions in health and social work and subsequently the health of users).

Main publications

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