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Réseau d’information sur les migrations internationales et les relations interethniques / Information network on international migration and interethnic relationships

Véronique De Rudder, Scientific and Administrative Manager

Marie-Françoise Meunier, Librarian and Archivist.

REMISIS is a DOCUMENTARY NETWORK, the purpose of which is to locate documents about international migration and interethnic relationships point out their existence and make them available.

Created in 1979, on the initiative of the scientific management of the Department of Human Sciences and the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research), the REMISIS network has provided a bibliographic database since 1986, accessible by subscription since 1988, by Minitel since 1992 and now available online.

REMISIS is the result of a multi-partnership association which involves the CNRS, FASILD (Social Action Fund for Integration and the Fight Against. Discrimination) and the Paris Diderot and Paris 8 universities. REMISIS personnel are attached to the CNRS Research Unit on Migration and Society. The network brings together around twenty private, public and association resource centres that contribute to the production of information and especially to the database which is accessible over the internet.

REMISIS brings together researchers from the CNRS or university resource centres:

URMIS (Paris Diderot)

MIGRINTER (université de Poitiers)

- ADOMA (Paris)
- ASSFAM (Paris)
- CIEMI (Paris)
- CIMADE (Montpellier)
- CLP (Paris)
- CNDP-VEI (Montrouge)
- CNHI (Paris)
- CRIPS (Paris)
- DPM (Paris)
- FASILD (Paris)
- Migrations Santé (Paris)
- OFFI (Paris)
- ORIV Alsace (Strasbourg)
- Profession Banlieue (Saint-Denis)

REMISIS offers a wide range of services:

- Bibliographic database at

The REMISIS bibliographic database currently lists 22,500 references and is growing by around 1,000 reports a year.

Each document listed is accompanied by an analysis and indexed using descriptors which allow subjects, geographical areas and the populations concerned to be searched.

- Resource centre open to the public:

This consists of a documentary collection of 6,000 works and research reports and 450 periodical titles, including single or special issues and university works. It provides scientific guidance, advice and information about the resource centres and documentation and enables the consultation of documents.


(from 12 November 2012) : Abdelmalek Sayad Documentation Center - REMISIS- URMIS - Building : Olympe de Gouge, 8th floor, 11 rue Jean-Antoine de Baïf - Paris 75013. Access Map

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REMISIS - URMIS - Université Paris Diderot-Paris 7 – Site PRG – Bâtiment Olympe de Gouges - rue Jeanne Chauvin - Case courrier 7027 – 75205 Paris Cedex 13.

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