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Swanie Potot

CNRS research fellow

Contact :

Pôle universitaire St Jean d’Angely
24 Avenue des Diables bleus
06357 NICE Cedex 4 France
Tel : +33 (0)4 92 00 11 89

Research Projects :

- Project leader of the ANR JCJC Program MIGRAGRI - Foreigners work in western agriculture : European construction and migratory schemes evolution, 2006-2009.

- Project leader of the European Scientific Fondation EUROCORES- Program New migrations dynamics : regular and irregular work on the european labour market, 2006-2008.

- Member, as team leader of the 6th PCRD program Mediterranean and Eastern European Countries as new immigration destinations in the European Union (IDEA) (coord. M.Okolski, Centre for Migration Studies, Warsaw University).

Current interests :

I am currently working on new forms of migrations in French employment considering, firstly, the multiplicity of foreign worker’s statuses regarding law, particularly in the framework of the EU enlargement and new french policies on the matter, and their consequences in terms of mobility and integration in jobs structures. I explore the economic and social role of immigrants in western and eastern societies through researches mainly concentrate on actors practices of transnational circulation and their networks. Presently, I am doing some fieldwork among seasonnal polish workers in agriculture.

PhD research :

Between 1999 and 2003 I carried on a research on transnational Rumanian migrants through Europe. The research, based on many fieldwork investigations, analyzed the migratory phenomenon of circulation appeared from Romania towards Western Europe during second half of the nineties. The theoretical approach situated the study in the research field of the "new migrations" and intended to clarify, by applying them to Rumanian circulation, some concepts which are associated to this approach, such as Globalization and Transnationalism. Focused on the emergence and becoming of social bounds in transnational migrant networks, the analysis dealt with the forms of social organizations which organise these multipolar -and often illegal movements.
The point was to underline that networks, based on very different types of bonds, convey for their actors some resources particularly useful in the space of transnational migrations.

Available in french :

Publications in english

- "Global food market and seasonal labour migrations in France : exploiting for competing”"in Gretel J. and Sippel S. (eds), to be published.

- “Transitioning strategies of economic survival : Romanian migration during the transition process” in Richard Black ; Marek Okolski, Godfried Engbersen and Cristina Pantiru EU enlargement and labour migration within the EU, IMISCOE Series - Amsterdam University Press, to be published in 2009.

- “Romanian migration movements : networks as informal transnational organisations” in Corrado Bonifazi, Marek Okólski, Jeannette Schoorl, Patrick Simon, International migration in Europe : new trends, new methods of analysis, 2008, pp.87-106.

- « Rumanians, Moroccans and racism in El Ejido : Diverse forms of attachment to territory” in Jansen S. and Löfving S. (Eds), Struggles for Home : Violence, Hope and the Movement of People, Berghahn Books, Series Dislocations, 2008, 109-128.

Publications in french

- « Circuler pour travailler : les migrations économiques en Europe » in Gossiaux JF. et Petric B., Il y a vingt ans, le mur de Berlin s’effondrait, Paris, Autrement, on press (septembre 2009)

- S.Potot, A.Morice (dir.), De l’ouvrier sans-papiers au travailleur détaché : les migrants dans la « modernisation » du salariat, Karthala, to be published in septembre 2009.

- « La précarité sous toutes ses formes : concurrence entre travailleurs étrangers dans l’agriculture française » in Alain Morice, Swanie Potot De l’ouvrier sans-papiers au travailleur détaché : les migrants dans la « modernisation » du salariat to be published in 2009.

- « Réseaux transnationaux et main-d’œuvre agricole : quand la France recrute en Pologne », Etudes rurales, n° 182 2008/2, pp.87-102 (en co-écriture avec B.Michalon).

- Vivre à l’Est, travailler à l’Ouest. Les routes roumaines de l’Europe, Paris, L’Harmattan, coll. Aujourd’hui l’Europe, 2007.

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- « Les migrants transnationaux : Acteurs de la transition post-communiste » in Krasteva A. et Todorov A., Modernisation, démocratisation, Européanisation : la Bulgarie et la Roumanie comparées, Nouvelle Université Bulgare, Sofia, 2006, pp.259-269 (en texte intégral :

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