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Valérie Erlich

Valérie Erlich is a Doctor in Sociology and Senior Lecturer at the Sociology Department at Nice-Sophia Antipolis University. She is a member of the scientific committee for the National Observatory of Student Life : (Paris) presided over by Olivier Galland since January 2007. She has been a member of the Scientific Department of the Observatory of Student Life of Nice-Sophia Antipolis University since 1999 (Director from April 2003 to April 2007).

Research fields

- Regeneration of the student world. Development trends in student behaviours, values and identities
- Student migratory flows and student mobility
- Learning in higher education
- The socialisation of students : an analysis of studying and living conditions

Current research

- Research program : “Foreign students in the Maghreb and in the Euro-Mediterranean area : towards what globalisation of higher education and what skill circulation ?” Program for the Research Institute of Contemporary Maghreb (IRMC – CNRS) selected as part of the tender for the Priority Solidarity Fund (PSF), coordinated by Sylvie Mazzella (Research Manager at the CNRS/IRMC)(2006-2008). It brings together researchers, sociologists, economists and geographers and nine research laboratories are involved in it, five of which are based in the Maghreb and four in France including URMIS-SOLIIS-CNRS (Nice). For more information...

- Works in progress on students and higher education (Observatory of Student Life)

Main publications

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